Appeal to the Children Logical Fallacy

If you are not familiar with the appeal to emotion logical fallacy it’s simply the technique of manipulating someones emotions to win an argument depite the facts. There is a new logical fallacy that is gaining in popularity. While it’s very similar to the Appeal to Emotion it has it subtle differences. For example.

“I’ve got kids that come in this store.” could be deployed when a retailer is featuring some rather grotestque holiday decorations.

“My kids use this playground.” could be excreted when you notice a dog owner leaving a huge steaming pile of feces on the merry go round.

“My kids are trying to sleep.” can be shouted over blaring vulgur hip hop music as the neighbors are hooting and hollaring outside your sleeping childs window.

This argument works better if the person has children. They can relate and they do not want any backlash in the future.