Don’t be ashamed buying feminine products.

rafikiPadsI think all guys are required to buy feminine products for their spouse as a married man right of passage. It’s a humbling experience and a awkward one if there is another woman in the aisle, especially if you ask for recommendations. Almost as awkward when you ask a waiter for a sanitary napkin, when what you really meant was a wet-nap.

I think the worst pad pickup is when we were out town traveling back from a 10 hour drive. As much as I enjoy being trapped in a cage with a honey badger after spending time with in-laws, it doesn’t help when I have to make a late night visit in a strange town to get uterine diapers. For some reason I went to Wal-Mart that night. As usual, there are about 500 registers at Wal-Mart, but only two are staffed. I noticed a short express line and only two people waiting, but as soon as I entered the cashier turned off her light. When she finished checking out the person in front me she spat her venomous rejection that she was closing down.  In an act of desperation after seeing 1000’s of people with buggies filled with dog food and I raised my voice drawing attention to myself and the cashier. “Ma’am I’ve very sorry but my wife is bleeding in our hotel room” as I called attention to my only item raising it high for all to see like Rafiki holding up Simba. She lowered her head and apologized, “I completely understand”. I was her last customer for the night.