“Customer” Customer Service is superior

I now understand why people wear pajamas and house shoes while shopping at Walmart. However, If you really want to draw attention to yourself, wear a red shirt with tan pants to Target. If you are caught in this situation, you have two options: Tell them you don’t work there, or try to help them out anyway, such as…

  • Direct them to isles that don’t exist
  • Recommend certain “personal” items, and explain you’re using as we speak.
  • Lead them around the store, searching for items that don’t belong, like looking for grape nuts in the camping section
  • Recommend the wrong TV shows for kids, like getting Dexter confused with Dexter’s Labratory
  • Rummage through their cart and say things like, “Wow, I thought this was recalled”
  • Offer unwarranted advice like: “Seems like you should be looking for the prescription strength deodorant or some age defying make-up”
  • Offer to check in the back stockroom, and never return.
  • Say that you’re a manager, and you don’t “stoop” to the customer level.

Same could be said for a blue shirt and tan pants to Best Buy. If you are a tech guy or know anything about electronics, you will probably help them more than the people that actually work there.


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