Favorite hotel shower heads

I used to love the shower heads at Holiday Inn Express, but since their beds are so uncomfortable I had to switch to Hilton branded hotels. I believe that Hilton uses Waterpik or Speakman, both are nice, but can’t compete with Kohler. I just wish I could find a nice metal Kohler shower head to purchase for home use. I bought Kohler model once, but it had a plastic mount and mount broke after a year. The replacement part was almost as much as a showerhead. So I just buy new shower heads every few years now.  I know you can clean them with a ziplock bag and whatever miracle liquid cleaner is on the market, but I know that there is still crud behind the nozzles deeper than the cleaner fluids can reach. Side note, don’t you find it disturbing when there is other hair in a hotel shower wall? You haven’t showered yet, so it’s not yours, and it will never wash down the drain no matter how much water you throw at it.