Man shaming in commercials

Why are so many companies choosing to throw men under the bus in television commercials? Not sure what the motivation is to make men seem like the lowest levels of animals and that they are worthless. There is probably more examples and more that needs to be said but here are just a few.

Panera Bread

Two males eating delivered sandwiches because they can’t even do that simple task? Or maybe it’s a passive-aggressive shot at women because they are not there to make them sandwiches?


A man can’t eat in his new kitchen? The women are cleaning up after him before he even gets a chance too. Some men like to clean, stop stereotyping, Nationwide.


A man wants to do a home improvement project but the wife laughs at him is the most condescending way? Getting a bonus check for not using your insurance turns into a fat-shaming incident because she wanted a refund for his gym membership? Wow.

I’ve written about this before, but calling men fat pieces of garbage on the couch “so to speak” and stop shoving our holes full of pie might motivate some dieters, but abuse is no way to sell your product. Yes, I’ve tried Nutrisystem and you can do just as well by eating the cardboard it came in.

There are numerous other commercials for home improvement projects where the woman is humiliating the man in front of other people.

Summer activities for kids

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Now that summer is in full swing, your kids will need something to do so they don’t get bored.¬† There are plenty of fun activities you can plan, but the most important thing is to teach them the value of hard work. Here are just a few simple ideas.

Lawnmower pushing

If your child can ride a go-kart by themselves and their shoulders are even with the lawnmower handle then they can cut the grass. Be sure to disable the self-propelled mechanism on your mower so they don’t ride it like a go-kart.

Weed pulling

Make it a game. Find all the weeds and put them in a big pile and run them over with the mower. It’s a win-win.

Vegetation watering

After all the weeds have been pulled, it’s time to water the plants. If you have a garden you can add harvesting ripe produce to the list of activities.

Car washing

Kids like to play in the water, so why not add a bucket of soap and a tire brush? They can have fun and you get a clean automobile.


Sideline coaching Swim Edition


There are few parents as crazy as soccer moms and baseball dads, but have you been to a swim meet? You would think it would be impossible to coach from the sidelines, you know, because the kids are in water and can’t hear you, but here are a few tips.

  • Tell them to dive, what other way to enter the pool?
  • Scream at them to “Go, pull, stroke” while they are coming up for air.
  • Tell them to swim fast
  • Tell them to swim hard
  • Point out their stroke and breathing mistakes as soon as they exit the water
  • If they won first place, make sure they beat their previous time. Otherwise, tell them what they did wrong and threaten them with pulling them off the swim team if they aren’t going to try anymore.
  • If they won first place and beat their previous time, show them the olympic time standards.

As you can see it’s pretty easy to coach from the sidelines for swim as well. If your kids aren’t crying or cracking under the pressure then you aren’t doing your job.

Also, see How to coach baseball/softball

Are you afraid of the dentist?

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I’ll admit, I’m absolutely terrified of the dentist. When I was four years old I had many teeth pulled without being properly numbed. I was a sickly child so all the medicine I consumed rotted my baby teeth so they had to come out. I don’t remember much, but it was dark and there were pink and blue lights everywhere. Maybe that’s what trauma looks like to a 4-year-old. I remember every subsequent dental visit my mother bought me a toy afterward.

My moms took me for one last cleaning in 1991 (never got that toy) and I didn’t go again until 2008. Yes, 17 years! It wasn’t a good experience when I went back. Not that my teeth were in bad shape, but the dentist I went to was an old man who was a dentist in the Army. It felt like he took out each individual tooth, cleaned it, and put it back into the socket. The last time I went was 2011, I had two cleanings, first time I had no cavity creeps. On the second visit 6 months later they said I had 7 cavities. So I’m guessing they rubbed something on my teeth to make them rot. I haven’t been back and my teeth are still fine.

I take my kids to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, but these kids have it easy. Their dentist has video games in the waiting area, super cool themed office and TV screens in the ceiling so they can watch DVDs while they get dental work done. When I was a kid, we just sat in a white room in a metal chair while some old man with super minty breath yanked on our teeth for 30 minutes. As a bonus, we had to sit still with a mouth guard full of goop that tasted like sauerkraut water.

When should you use high beam headlights?

Are you the type of person that drives with your high beams on all the time? I mean even during the daytime because you don’t know how to disengage them?

I have a car with the LED headlights. So when an oncoming vehicle flashes me highs, I then burn their retinas with the next level brightness. These special LEDs also allow you to see inside your neighbor’s soul if they own a home at a 3-way intersection.

Some cars now have light-sensitive high beams. They will lower if there is oncoming traffic. That, of course, is optional. In my opinion, there should only be high beams. Humans will adapt, we always do.

Locking the car windows before your fart

Probably one of the worst things you can do to your family is lock the car windows and then unleash a seat warmer. When someone shouts “Roll-down the windows,” say you don’t know what they mean because there are no rollers in the car.

But seriously, do you still say roll-down the windows? It’s like saying rewind a YouTube video.


Proper toilet paper installation

The most popular method has quickly become the empty cardboard tube on the dispenser with the new roll of toilet paper on the countertop.

There has been a raging debate since the invention of toilet paper. How do you install the roll? Is it over or under? There should be no debate, the inventor clearly designed it to work a certain way as illustrated in the photo.¬†However, when you go to someone’s house and use the bathroom, whichever way the toilet paper is installed, switch it to the other direction.