Participation trophies are for the parents


Kids don’t want trophies, they just want after game snacks. This was confirmed once I saw a parent asking to take a picture of their kid after the baseball season ended. The parent wanted a pose with the trophy, but the kid held up his post-game hot dog instead. These participation trophies are to make the parents feel better about their kid not being good at their sport. Kids love to play the sport, they like the free snack after the game and just to get away from you for an hour or so.

Once a kid reaches a certain age the trophy needs to be earned. Trophies for kids who make the all star team is where it should begin and end. If you have a travel ball team then hand out awards for different catagories such as “best hitter” or “best defense”.  Other than that, the after season party with free food should be enough.