How to reduce motorcycle deaths


The best way that I’ve found to reduce motorcycle fatalities is to not own a motorcycle. Unless a motorcycle crashes into my vehicle and the rider flies through my windshield,  then my chances of dying by motorcycle are greatly reduced. Here a just a few observations that I’ve noticed that will help you not die on a motorcycle.

  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Don’t wear flip-flops
  3. Don’t make your own lane by riding on the white line between cars at a high rate of speed
  4. Don’t ride on the shoulder or median at a high ride of speed during traffic jams
  5. Don’t swerve into the other lane if someone is trying to pass you on the left
  6. Don’t text and ride your motorcycle (yes, I’ve seen it)
  7. Make your motorcycle as loud as you can so we can hear you!
  8. Lastly, don’t ride your motorcycle (still the best way of not dying).

Yes, I’m not man enough to own/ride a motorcycle. I had one wreck on a dirt bike as a kid and my legs went numb for a few minutes. I’m good. But enjoy yours, and don’t be an be a jerk.