How to reduce motorcycle deaths


The best way that I’ve found to reduce motorcycle fatalities is to not own a motorcycle. Unless a motorcycle crashes into my vehicle and the rider flies through my windshield,  then my chances of dying by motorcycle are greatly reduced. Here a just a few observations that I’ve noticed that will help you not die on a motorcycle.

  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Don’t wear flip-flops
  3. Don’t make your own lane by riding on the white line between cars at a high rate of speed
  4. Don’t ride on the shoulder or median at a high ride of speed during traffic jams
  5. Don’t swerve into the other lane if someone is trying to pass you on the left
  6. Don’t text and ride your motorcycle (yes, I’ve seen it)
  7. Make your motorcycle as loud as you can so we can hear you!
  8. Lastly, don’t ride your motorcycle (still the best way of not dying).

Yes, I’m not man enough to own/ride a motorcycle. I had one wreck on a dirt bike as a kid and my legs went numb for a few minutes. I’m good. But enjoy yours, and don’t be an be a jerk.




The cure for hangovers?

No wait!

The best cure is to not overindulge in alcoholic beverages. Or you could visit a doctor in a hotel lobby that will stick an intravenous drip of fluids in your body. I guess I’ll “stick” to drinking in moderation.

Starbucks is just like Maxwell House

My Old Setup in 2002

Today, people flock to Starbucks because it’s what they know, they don’t know any better. When I was growing up I could not stand the taste of coffee. My parents and grandparents would pour these foul-smelling cups of what looked like oil runoff from the Sears Auto Center.  It’s what they knew because it was the cornerstone of the market. People get used to what they know and it’s hard to change.

When I do buy a Starbucks coffee I get the jitters because there is so much caffeine in each cup. It’s like they spray the beans with extra caffeine before they grind them. Get to know a local roaster, it’s the best way to get your coffee, it will cost less and taste much better.

Best techniques in furniture restoration

Sofa table I made, because my wife found one like it for $300

One person’s trash is another person’s trash to deal with now. Why do you think they sold it for so cheap, or it was left on the curb to rot? My favorite way to restore furniture is to return it back to its original state. That is dust. Throw the old piece of furniture into the garbage where it belongs. Go buy you some fresh new quality furniture. Keep those furniture makers employed, or better yet, make your own!

How to choose exercise equipment

photo of black clothes on hangers
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It’s frustrating to purchase exercise equipment. Not because it’s expensive but there is an unrealistic expectation in the commercials. You always see super fit people using the equipment. Why not show some regular people who are really out of shape struggling to untangle themselves from the BoFlex cables. Show us how easy it is to use. Don’t show us some elite athlete who is maxing out the equipment. You are setting us up for failure. It’s also important to know many many hangers of clothing the item can eventually hold

How to pick a good watermelon

close up photography of sliced watermelons
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How that it’s hot and humid outside, what better way to cool down than with a slice of watermelon. If you ever see somebody with a pickup bed full of melons, here’s how to get a deal. For instance, if you can get one for $6 dollars or two for $10. Buy two of them and then ask to return one of them. Since one watermelon is worth $6 dollars you end up paying only $4 for the one watermelon. It’s a great deal. If they don’t accept returns, just smash both of your watermelons all over the pavement so that the onlookers can see. It’s only $10, and how fun is it to smash a watermelon? Just ask Gallagher.

Do you still hold hands?

ground group growth hands
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I’ve never understood why people hold hands. I see many couples holding hands in public places. To me, it’s a signal that the person is saying, “Hey look at me, I’ve got another human as my companion, aren’t you jealous?” I also think these people are insecure and they need to hold that person’s hand because they are low in self-confidence or just prideful and showing off. However,  my children hold my hand when we are walking across the interstate. So there’s that.