Traffic Roundabouts are way better

aerial photo of four cars on round about at daytime
Photo by Brennan Tolman on

I’m pretty excited that we have a new roundabout (aka, the circle of yield) near our house. However, many members of the surrounding community are not as pleased as I am. Some people just want it to stay the same or remove all the traffic signs completely from the intersection.

The thing is, people already treat four-way stops like roundabouts, but with less space. Rarely do you see someone completely stop at the white line. They roll up to the intersection (or just before it) and perform a synchronization of wheel rotation with the other automobiles as to cease from moving. A roundabout will help because it will give you more space to execute your California roll.

Roundabouts will also eliminate the need for someone to direct traffic from other lanes. It’s difficult to wave someone through while they are semi-circulating. It will also stop head-on collisions from people who are finishing up a tweet or Facebook update about how bad traffic is. It’s difficult to speed through a roundabout, but not impossible. I’m sure someone will revert to childhood memories and try to “Duke boy” it over the middle. That’s why we need to build children’s playgrounds in the middle of the roundabout. That way, you will truly drive like your kids play here.