Selling vs Donating

scrap metal trash litter scrapyard
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Have extra stuff laying around your house? Why don’t you try to make a few bucks online by selling it? How about donating it for a tax write off? How about neither, just throw it in the garbage. Sometimes that’s the best choice.


People want stuff for free. You post an item and they offer you half of your asking price. If you offer a free item then they will want you to deliver it. Better yet, they will want you to pay them to take it off your hands. Selling on eBay or Amazon has become a hassle. By the time you pay all the seller fees, merchant fees, and postage, you are left with about half of what the item is worth.


This is a better option. Let other people look through your bags of unwanted items and they can throw it way. The tax write off is barely worth it. For kids clothes, give it to friends or family, they will be responsible for throwing it in the trash now.

Trash it

Unless you want Goodwill throwing your stuff way you can save them the trouble. Leave it visible on trash day and people will pick it from the rubbish like mining for treasure.