Guide to driving in Nashville

If you happen to visit Nashville and you must drive then good luck. It’s tough, but here are few tips to help you navigate the city.

Don’t balance your tires
There are so many uneven parts of the road and potholes your tires will instantly be out of balance. Wait until you get home.

Don’t get an alignment
Again, with the potholes and pavement unevenness, wait until you get home and get an alignment. I wonder if no state taxes are the reason the roads are so bad. It’s just the sheer mass of humanity that is on the road there.

Don’t try to take back roads
There are tons of people on the back roads as well, you will just wait even longer because of the traffic lights.

Wait it out on the interstate
It’s really the best option, just wait, be patient, allow people to merge and don’t run anyone off the road.

Don’t visit any landmarks
You go to Nashville to see the Ryman, The Grand Ole Opry and such, but don’t go there. There are too many people. Just stay in your hotel and drink as much free coffee as you can. Enjoy an extra creamer or three.

Don’t do any shopping
Parking is tough and they charge outrageous fees. Just stay in your hotel and watch TV. Swim in the 10-meter pool and do half laps.

Enjoy your trip!