The biggest mistake that actors make

photo of coffee cup beside book
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No, it’s not the roles they take or their political or religious opinions. It may surprise you that it’s a very simple mistake that could easily be fixed. I’m no actor so my advice may not be well regarded so here goes.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how actors drink coffee on screen.

When someone hands you a fresh cup and we can tell it’s empty, don’t immediately tilt it 45 degrees. Coffee is typically hot and unless your throat is made of cast iron, take a small sip from the rim of the cup. You also need to make an attempt to swallow. No one takes a sip of coffee and holds it in their mouth until it absorbs.

No one waves their cup of coffee around without it spilling everywhere. Keep your hand motions to a minimum like there is boiling lava in your drinking vessel. Maybe put water in the cup? There needs to be weight in your hand.

Keep the cup silent, we can hear the knock of an empty cup in our living rooms from our loudspeakers. This is also where a ceramic mug would come in handy. It’s a simple mistake and can easily be fixed.