Adult’s buying toys.

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Who else is Sad there is no Star Wars Movie this fall? I look forward to Septembers and Force Friday. But this has been my experience…

Whatever happened to let kids buy toys. I took my children shopping for toys and the shelves were empty. I can only assume that grown men and women went to buy the toys earlier in the day and are now selling them on eBay for profit.

I know it’s fun to purchase “Hard-to-find items” but let the kids have a shot. If you really want one of each item then buy an entire case from and let the children experience shopping for new toys rather than looking at a barren wasteland of potential happiness.

I don’t know if this happens but retailers should split the toy shipment into two pieces. Set aside half of the shipment for the people who stand in line at midnight. Then the other shipment for people who have to work and have children who may want a few toys.