Does the slow carb diet work?

Biscuits and Gravy from Tudor’s Biscuit World (2004)

The slow carb diet is now a permanent lifestyle change for me. I’ve been doing the diet/lifestyle since January of 2016. According to my doctor, my weight peaked at about 292 lbs. Right before Thanksgiving 2016 I weight in at 233 lbs and during that year and did not do one bit of exercise. You can read about the diet on the Tim Ferris website or buy his book the Four Hour Body. I did both.

What I love most about the diet is how well you feel during the week, your mind is sharp and you have an overall feeling of wellness. What I used to love but not so much anymore is the cheat day. You can eat whatever you want, quite literally. I think my progress has slowed down because I don’t do a proper cheat day anymore and I don’t eat enough during the week. I don’t like the cheat day because I feel miserable the day of and the day after. Well, I did a proper cheat day yesterday and here are the results.

  • 2 Biscuits and Gravy (9am)
  • Bag of Flaming Hot Munchies (Doritos, Sun Chips, Cheetos, etc.) (12pm)
  • 3 Chicken strips with Thai Curry Sauce from BWW  and Waffle Fries(1pm)
  • Homewrecker from Moe’s with Chips (6:30pm)
  • Ice cream – Oreo Mint from Cookout (7pm)

I’ve started to do more cardio because I want to be able to run with my kids on the softball/baseball field and not get so gassed. When we go to waterparks I want to be able to walk up the all those steps without it feeling like someone is stabbing me in the legs and lungs. The extra weight loss has helped, I noticed a difference from year to year. I seem to have more success in the fall because I’m not traveling and there are no major Holiday’s to do an extra cheat day, so I’m looking forward to getting rid of that last 20-30lbs.