Top Website Annoyances…

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White listing

Now what website admins are hip to ad-blockers, everyone wants to be on the whitelist. You can either do that or subscribe to “premium” access. It’s gotten so bad with that I had to stop visiting. When I put them on the whitelist I got so many javascript popups asking for a username and password to check my machine for a virus. When I took them off the whitelist they pop up a “premium” access offer and hold my screen hostage for 30 seconds.

Pop unders

Unlike pop-ups who used to throw up a new window. Popunders are those windows that dim the background and force you to read something before requiring you to take action. Some now have timers, they are also used with whitelists and…

Subscribe to our newsletter/email/discount

Usually, with some passive aggressive statement such as “No thanks, I’d like to pay full price” or “I’d like to stay ignorant”. Sign up for any and prepare your inbox to be stuffed with garbage forever.


Of course, everyone knows about clickbait at this point in their internet life. You know, you see an article titled “Man does this simple trick and lost 50 lbs in one day” then when you click the bait, you see that he sawed off his own legs.