Annoying homeschooling questions #2

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#2. What about socialization?

You mean being able to talk to other people whenever you want instead of:

  • Standing/Walking in single file down hallways
  • Sitting in a desk for 6 hours and not being able to:
    • Pass Notes
    • Talk without raising your hand
    • Go to the toilet when you want
  • Maybe if they are good and didn’t socialize they will get a 15-30 break to socialize outside under strict supervision.

Homeschool kids get plenty of socialization such as little league, co-ops, nature walks, and of course going to all the nice local parks while other kids are in school.



2 thoughts on “Annoying homeschooling questions #2

  1. Well said! I was homeschooled and will be homeschooling my kids when they reach school age. I was always very irritated by the “socialization” questions. In my experience, homeschoolers receive just as much socialization (maybe even more) than public and private school students. It simply looks different than what they are taught is “normal”.


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