Should you Celebrate Halloween?

bunch of candies
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I’m not talking about from a religious but a practical perspective. Here are a few reasons to skip it.

Buying a costume

My kids get clothes for their birthday and Christmas. Why should I buy them an outfit for a single day that will rip within a week after? If you must have a costume, make one out of clothes you don’t like can go as “ungrateful person who has too many clothes”

Buying candy

Candy is overpriced from September 1st to October 31st. However, if you want a good deal on candy, wait until November 1st and stock up. Who cares if there are pumpkin-shaped Reeses’ in your Christmas candy dish.

Having too much candy

There is too much candy in the house and it’s everywhere. It ruins your ketosis and sometimes your relationships if strategically shared.

Neighborhood gorefest

People that live near you will put up haunting displays of violence and paganism. You have to drive past it everytime you leave for your volunteering at the senior community.