Annoying homeschooling questions #2

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#2. What about socialization?

You mean being able to talk to other people whenever you want instead of:

  • Standing/Walking in single file down hallways
  • Sitting in a desk for 6 hours and not being able to:
    • Pass Notes
    • Talk without raising your hand
    • Go to the toilet when you want
  • Maybe if they are good and didn’t socialize they will get a 15-30 break to socialize outside under strict supervision.

Homeschool kids get plenty of socialization such as little league, co-ops, nature walks, and of course going to all the nice local parks while other kids are in school.



Annoying homeschooling questions.

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#1. Do you test your homeschool kids?

The question will always come up when someone finds out you homeschool. “What about testing?

What about it? Why test? Who are we comparing to? What standard of measure do you use? You want me to test my children to see how they compare to public school kids? If that’s the case I would send them to public school. The simple answer is, “We teach through mastery” We don’t teach to take a test. is your new rude roommate


We invited Amazon Echo and Alexa into our homes a few years ago. But now, Amazon wants to have a key to our home? Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy the novelty of Alexa, but out of nowhere we get a weather update or notice that she’s having trouble finding something. Amazon wants to listen in and interrupt when they see fit. They also want to barge in and drop your delivery of toilet paper inside your door so that thieves won’t get it. If you going to deliver toilet paper, just bring it all the way to the bathroom.

I can see why, but don’t think it’s necessary for Amazon to have a lock and key entry into my home. Of course, I also didn’t think I needed 2-day shipping for a yearly fee. I also didn’t need a robot listening to my television and record “breaking bad” dialog into my NSA file, but here we are. I’m letting it happen. Before long Amazon will just ship stuff to my house in anticipation of my needs. Yeah, serious about the bathroom toilet paper deliver. Maybe by drone?

Punishing people with Healthcare Prices

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For as long as I’ve been employed I’ve had healthcare coverage. But since I now work for a company that doesn’t provide those benefits, I’m on my own to purchase it. First of all, it shouldn’t be called Healthcare, it’s really catastrophic sick care. The only reason you need it is if you wind up in the hospital so that you don’t ruin your life financially.

Why punish people who make more money? I get the same coverage as my neighbor but I’m paying twice as much because I make more money? That makes no sense. It’s like paying twice as much for gasoline and groceries just because I bring home more green. Sure, I could shop at Whole Foods or Earth Fare, but I shop at Aldi and Walmart because Blue Cross and Blue Shield are bleeding me dry.

Tax reform doesn’t seem to matter. Whatever minimal break I get on the taxes won’t begin to cover the heaping piles of cash my healthcare provider is raking in. I’ll get the same (or worse) coverage for an exponential rate increase.

How to yard sale

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  • Bring large bills and pay for .50 cent items. Get a possible freebie because no one can change a $100
  • Ask for small bills as change to wipe out their supply for other shoppers
  • Automatically cut 50 to 75% off their asking price
  • Look into the garage and ask about pricing for things that are not labeled or obviously for sale. Bikes, pets, water heaters, etc
  • Gain access to the house, come out one of the doors asking how much for the tub
  • Try to purchase one of their vehicles.
  • Request items like “needle nose pliers”, if they don’t have any for sale ask. “Well, why not?”
  • Bring a few shovels and start uprooting their sod. It is after all a “yard sale”

Why are there teal pumpkins?

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Teal pumpkins exists so that kids know which homes to skip during trick or treat. It’s great that people want to include kids who can’t eat candy, but it also gives a heads up to those who don’t want to waste their time. There are better things to do and more full size candy bars to find. If my child was allergic to candy then we wouldn’t participate at all. It would be a relief that we didn’t have to walk the neighbor filled with displays of murder and satanism.