How to screen your calls the right way.

black rotary telephone on white surface
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Caller ID has made our life so much easier. It’s hard to imagine a time where we had to lift a receiver, listen to a voice, and make a decision to hang up. Today, we are just a button click away from avoiding a call. We see a contact who we know is going to take at least a half hour away from our life, and we can silently click to voicemail. However,  don’t send the call directly to voicemail. Let the phone ring to completion. If you double-click your iPhone, they will know you’ve purposefully avoided the call. If you are using the toilet you can send a custom text message as a replay saying you will call them back. No sense in interrupting your Disney eMoji Blitz game in between movements.

How do you handle unknown callers? My general rule is this. If you don’t recognize a number, send it directly to voicemail, if the call is important they will leave you a message. If they don’t, add it to the block list. Mine is currently over one hundred numbers.