Black Friday’s Matter

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I really have given up on shopping on Black Friday. The deals don’t seem as good as they were 30 years ago. Everything is so expensive and the deals are for cheaply made products that aren’t worth fist fighting over. My Black Friday matters to me. I know if I go out and buy a new gadget, I will spend the entire day putting it together. Not that it’s a difficult task, but because I know that something will go wrong or I will be missing one step in the instructions and will have to start from the beginning. I also don’t want to fight traffic and constantly bump into people all day long. I can expend an entire days worth of extrovert energy with one trip to Best Buy on Black Friday. I could just stay home and feast on Thanksgiving leftovers all day, or I could get some exercise by increasing my heart rate by igniting all the anxiety triggers in my brain. American Life is tough.