Should your kid play travel ball?

close up photography of four baseballs on green lawn grasses
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Travel ball is all about the parents. There is nothing than a parent loves more than saying their kids play travel ball. Now that your ego is out of the way lets dissect what playing travel ball really mean.

How do you want to spend your weekends?

Do you want your kids to play one game and go home and do something else with their weekend? Or, do you want to be at the ball field at 7am and stay until 10:30pm (or later). That’s the worst case scenario, but sometimes it’s a two-day tournament and you have to repeat the early wake up the next day, sometimes just to go home after the first game.

How much do you want to pay?

Rec-ball is usually a flat fee for spring, summer, and fall season. Travel ball has a larger sign-up cost with commitment and per tournament fees. There is fundraising to help offset the costs of the per tournament fees. If you like to raise money or have deep pockets, then travel ball is a good option. Don’t forget your family will have a pay a fee at the gate if you don’t head coach, that will run you at least $7 per person.

What do you kids want to do?

Are your kids super competitiveĀ or do they just enjoy the playing game? There’s a balance of what you know is good for your kids and what they want to do. You have to let them learn on their own sometimes.

Do you like to hear parents nonstop bragging about their kids?

Before the first practice even begins parents are already setting the bar high for their kids. If they fall short of that expectation then venom is spewed towards the child in the form of correction. This doesn’t always happen, but it’s about 90% of the time.