We go out of our Wei

Kung Pao Chicken, extra spicy

On a recent trip, I had my first real disappointment with Pei Wei. I get the same thing every time; Kung Pao chicken extra spicy with fried rice. When it came out, it was loaded with veggies and very little chicken and barely covered with sauce. I sent it back, and when it returned there were a few extra pieces of chicken and gloopy sauce (not stir-fried into the meat) and a hand full of chili peppers thrown on. When I left I felt like complaining but on my next visit to that town, the Pei Wei was no longer in business.

If we are ever in the vicinity of a Pei Wei, we will make every effort to eat there. We visited friends in Clearwater, FL and visited Big Cat Rescue and timed it so that we could eat lunch at the nearby Pei Wei. We will fight Charlotte traffic on 485 just to get a taste like a drug addict. I’m sure if we had a Pei Wei in our town then it would lose its luster and we would probably get sick of it. Either that or I would weigh 1000 pounds.