My cat ruined someones Christmas

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I once had to refund for an eBay buyer. I had a barely worn shirt that no longer fit. It was a good quality shirt from LL Bean so I decided to sell it online. Once the sale ended, I packaged up the shirt and placed it on the counter to ship out the next morning. My cat decided to chew up the entire package by putting hundreds of teeth marks around the edges of the padded envelope. I repackaged without checking the shirt, but once the item arrived the buyer notified me of small punctures near the collar.

Used clothing does not sell well online, so this was my final attempt. It’s much easier to donate or give to someone in need. I’m assuming my cat ruined someones Christmas, but if someone is buying a used shirt off of eBay as a gift, they can’t be expecting too much.

Also, why do cats love to eat plastic shipping bags?