Adventures in buying a garbage disposal


As I was cleaning the cat’s water dish I opened the cabinet below the sink to get the scrub brushes. To my delight, I noticed the InSinkErator dripping water from the bottom. After a bit of research and leak detection, it was determined that I needed a replacement. After all, it had a good run of 8 years.

I went to Lowes and picked up an exact replacement of the Badger 5. I took it home and got it installed and went to plug it in. Turns out, there’s no plug. I bought the wrong model. So I went online and found the one with the plug and ordered the last one in all the five Lowes stores in the area.  I went to pick it up and they couldn’t find it because it was a non-stocked item. So I canceled the order. A plumbing person offered to show me other models that may work. On the way back to the leftover grinders, I happened to notice halfway down the misplaced disposal. Once again I had to play stockboy and find the missing item. Brought back way too many memories of my days in retail when co-workers would just put things anywhere. Anyway, back to grinding up egg shells.