Adventures in buying a microwave light bulb

Lowe’s tried to lure me into their store with a free $10 gift card, it worked. My microwave light burst during seven power surges in the neighborhood last week and those suckers cost $8 so I set forth on my adventure.

I asked someone (mistake) there if there was an LED equivalent so that the light would outlive the microwave. The clerk gave me one even though I asked him about it saying “appliance”. Cut to the chase, it didn’t work, but that’s not the fun part of the adventure.

When I went to check out, the cashier had no idea how to use the gift card. It wouldn’t scan and when she tried manual entry the field didn’t allow for all the numbers on the card. Programming tip: nvarchar(max) on all the fields forever! Not really. So I paid full price and went to the customer service desk.

They refunded the bulb after about 5 minutes of fighting with the gift card but then the computer froze locking them out of the system. So we had to move to another cash register. Once it went through the light bulb had now been returned twice for the same transaction. That comes into play when I return to Lowes later when I try to return the bulb that doesn’t work. So I get store credit. So I spent about 20 minutes of time and about 3 gallons of gas to purchase a light bulb. The $10 gift card was pointless. Next time, I’ll just use Amazon.