Taking your pet on vacation.


You take your dog everywhere. The grocery store, restaurants, movie theaters, and airplanes. I’m not talking about service dogs, I’m speaking of peoples pets.  Taking your dog on everywhere is the cool and hip thing to do. So why not take it on vacation? After all, the dog is part of your family, so why not let it enjoy all of your adventures. However, if you don’t take your dog on vacation, please find someone who can look after them.

We have a cat and if we are gone for more than two days then we hire a house/pet sitter. We pay them to come and stay at our house. They sleep here, they eat here, they take care of our pets. Cats are pretty easy to take care of and don’t need much attention. Cats really don’t need humans.

However, if you have a dog, it’s a different story. Dogs need constant attention because they are highly social creatures. If you don’t hire a house sitter then take your puppers to the kennel where they can get social interaction. Leaving your dog in your house over night and someone letting it out all day is unfair to your dog and your neighbors. The dog will bark all day because it’s lonely. If there are two dogs they will try to out-bark each other. If you are going to be cruel, take it up a notch and just throw on a shock collar and leave them outside in the cold. At least it won’t bother anyone else since you won’t be bothered with caring for your animals.