Getting rid of guns won’t solve the problem

I’m not pro-gun or anti-gun, but rather gun neutral. I don’t care if people own guns and I don’t care if you choose not to purchase them. I do think that we need to keep quiet about it. What I mean is, do not brag about it and cover your automobile with stickers. I don’t care if you hate guns either, and you should keep quiet about it.

At one point in history, there were no guns, just people smashing each other in the face with blunt objects. Before we figured out how to stab each other, we beat each other to death. You won’t fix the problem by removing objects.

The problem is not guns, but people. Just as there is not a problem with rocks, but people again. Do you think if God banned all rocks then Cain wouldn’t have killed Abel? Certainly not, he would have found some other way to kill him. How do you remove human depravity? Simply put, you can’t.