How to stop excessive armpit sweating?

There was a transitional period when I was 17 where I couldn’t find an anti-perspiration that would stop the river of briny fluid flowing from my pits. I tried several brands from Speed Stick, Right Guard, Old Spice, and Degree to whatever Dad was using. I finally found Arrid XX about mid-way through my junior year of high school.

At one point I can remember the sweat rings becoming so large they would reach the ends of my shirt bottoms and halfway to my back. It was like I was squeezing out a dish sponge under my arms. If I was sitting at a certain angle, I could feel the sweat drip and roll down the side of my torso. Before I found Arrid I would apply so much product that it would start to build little cakes in the armpit portion of my shirt. It would dry and make the armpit part of the shirt brittle and stiff. No amount of washing could fix it, you had to throw the shirt away.

The problem resurfaced once I started to lose weight. Arrid was ditched and switched to Certain Dri. It worked until my body stopped freaking out about losing so much weight so quickly.  Now I’ve switched back to a normal deodorant. Also, sweating is linked to anxiety, so you probably need to chill out a bit, so to speak.