Homewood Hoarding

Do you let your kids eat breakfast by themselves? I imagine the family that was allowing this behavior that follows simply said, “Your Father and I are going to sleep in go down, and eat whatever you want.”

As I was cooking a waffle there was a young child spooning chocolate chips into a coffee cup. He keeps looking over at me after each scoop until it was empty of its contents. I guess he wanted someone to tell him to stop. Then his younger brother came over, opened up the chocolate chip container saw that it was empty, and walked away. Their sister did the same thing.

Each child had a to-go box filled with breakfast items. One was filled with bananas, another with oranges, and another one with hot chocolate packets. All claimed it was food for the road. No one said anything, and it was quite a bit of food. I wonder what the parents thought when the kids brought all this food back to the room.