There are no men’s restrooms anymore.

Do you go #1 or #2 in this thing?
On our way back from a long trip we stopped at a gas station to use the toilets. I noticed a line of ladies had formed outside the bathrooms. As I approached the men’s room a woman walked out and another one entered without hesitation.
Me: “Are we having some gender confusion here ladies?”
Random Lady: “Women have babies so we get to use your bathrooms”
I didn’t understand her logic so I fired back…
Me: “Men get kicked in the testicles so we can use your bathrooms?


Another time I went to a store and had to use the toilet. To my surprise, there was only a “Family” and a woman’s restroom. My family wasn’t with me, so I had to use the woman’s restroom, no other choice.

It’s not the first time I’ve used a woman’s toilet. I was interviewing for a job and was exhausted from the long flight and uncomfortable hotel bed. After my lunch, with the recruiter, I met my sister at Sam’s club to buy some snacks. I stopped off at the bathroom first and wondered why there were no urinals. I picked a stall next to someone who was sitting. I stood up to pee as normal. As I walked out I did a double take as I saw the “Men’s” sign as I exited the Woman’s restroom. My sister was doubled over in laughter, but I’m sure the lady that was still in the toilet was just as confused as I was.

Now that we are moving to Gender Neutral restrooms in public places this gives a whole new meaning to the term, “Baby Changing Stations”. I hope people don’t do anything stupid.