How to coach from the sidelines.


It’s tempting to coach from the sidelines, but if you must, remember these helpful tips.

  • Tell your kid to hit the ball when they are up to bat
    • Also to swing at strikes
    • And don’t swing at balls
  • When they hit, tell them to run, ruN, rUN, RUN!
    • Tell them to run hard!
  • Tell your kid to throw the ball when they catch it.
  • If they are a pitcher, tell them to throw strikes.

Stand as close to your kid as the fences allow. You can also put your mouth between the steel cage diamonds and shout unimpeded.  Have some prearranged after-the-game system of punishment if they didn’t measure up to your expectations. During the game, tell them you are keeping track of all their mistakes.

Also, don’t do any of these things. Let the coach’s coach and you keep your mouth shut unless you are simply cheering your kid on.