Understanding Office Buzzwords and Jargon

Every office has a manager or co-worker that constantly spews office jargon or buzzwords. Here are a few that I’ve noticed and their real meanings.

C-level conversations – I used to think this meant having a discussion that everyone would understand. Think of a guru coming down from a high mountain sanctuary and coming down to “sea level so that they could explain it to the layman. Nope, it means “CEO type” conversations, the kind that gets you promoted real quick if you promise them things

Inside Baseball – I’ve got all the knowledge and I will use it to my advantage while sharing none of it

Team Player – Does the work of everyone else

Play Catch-up – I want to see what you’ve been doing while I was on vacation because I didn’t have the chance to micromanage you then.

Table the Issue – I don’t want to discuss this now because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Devil’s in the Details – I know you are wrong, but I just don’t know how to prove it yet.

Play Devil’s Advocate – I want to rip your idea to shreds in front of everyone.

Putting Out Fires – Fixing the mistakes of others because of their incompetence

Low-Hanging Fruit – The easiest part of the job that others volunteer for first.

Win/Win – In any outcome, I will look good and take all the credit and you will still go unrecognized.

Brainstorming – I’m out of ideas and I need the group to give me one to steal