Is Sirius XM worth the money?

After about a month, Sirius XM gets old and repeaty. I took a trip to the grocery store and heard the long version of the Humpty Dance on Backspin. Once I got tired of the endless loop, I flipped over to 90’s on 9 where the Humpty Dance was just beginning. Also, you can only hear Downtown Julie Brown so many times before you want to jump out of the door on the interstate pavement.

You will get your three month preview whenever you get a new car, but that’s as far as you should go. One time, I made the mistake of getting the 6 month extension for $29 ($36 after fees), so I was stuck hearing Humpty Hump for a few more months. BTW, Sirius XM doesn’t work well if there are trees around or you pull into a gas station. The signal will go out because you need a line of sight to the satellite.  Once your free trial is up I suggest Apple Music if you are an iPhone user. That way you can put Humpty on repeat to your heart’s desire.

Leave a comment below.

At what point do you abandon the idea of leaving a comment? I give up when I see the thread bypass a half dozen. At that point, the probability is high that your comment will get steam-rolled by someone’s “superior” opinion. It’s simply not worth the time or effort to debate so that you can prove that you are right. But really, we are more concerned with proving someone wrong in those debates, am I correct? I’m probably wrong, and I’m sure you will debate me on that.

However, It’s quite horrifying (maybe entertaining) to read through a comment chain once it gets over one hundred. You really see the broad spectrum of people’s beliefs and opinions.

How to ruin your coffee experience

Stale Makers

The only thing worse than buying ground coffee is grinding it yourself in the store. Coffee goes stale in two minutes after grinding, so you are actually wasting your time to make your coffee worse. Not only that but you are mingling your beans with somebody who just chewed up 20 pounds of Folgers in these worn out gears. Buy a good burr grinder for your home countertop. Grind just what you need for your preferred brewing method.

Blocking pop-ups from magazines…

IMG_2873It sounds like a contradictory non-sensible statement but I’m talking about the little card that flies out of a magazine when you thumb through the pages. These are the equivalent of pop-up ads on websites. Now that add blockers are basically useless you have to go back to print media to get your news, but now you have to deal with Geico shoving a card within each page.

Whenever I get a new magazine, which is rare these days. I will take it directly to the garbage can with the widest opening. I shake the magazine until all the cards fall out and then enjoy the magazine as it was intended. You know, a few articles and embedded ads.

Ad blockers are useless…

What’s more annoying than ads on a website? I’ll tell you, begging for money on websites. Not just begging for money, but doing so in a passive aggressive way.  Maybe we don’t want to support your journalism, maybe it’s “fake news”. Instead of adding sites to a whitelist, I’m adding them to a list of sites I will never visit again. I will go so far as to even block them at the router so they don’t get one red cent from my any of my family members, even by accident.

How to check out faster at a store

aluminum black and white business cart

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Typically humans will form a queue if there are multiple registers open. The term first in first out (or FIFO) comes to mind. However, there are people who subscribe to the LIFO life (Last in first out). LIFO is our natural inclination, we are self-centered creatures and have our own interests in mind. So when someone bypasses the established queue, simply give them a reminder they’re not the only person in the store or on the planet.

For instance, I was checking out at a sporting goods store and approached the register. At first, I thought the checkout was empty until I saw the queue of four people waiting for the first available cashier. I took my place in the queue. As my turn approached a person jumped in front of me and began to place their items on the counter. The cashier said nothing. A person behind me said passive aggressively “Some people don’t know where the line starts”.  I approached and politely informed the lady that the line started (I pointed in the direction of the 5 people behind me). She said something like “she didn’t see the line”. I replied, “Yeah, it’s right over there”.

A queue makes sense if you are in a busy store that’s understaffed. It’s the faster way to check out. The only problem is the person who starts the queue has to enforce it for the second person who arrives. You have to space yourself at the just the right position between both registers. It helps the register are within close proximity.

Happy National Double Cheeseburger Day!

Specialty burger from The Pharmacy in Nashville, TN

While there are many national days than ever before, a double cheeseburger day is one that I can support. Double cheeseburgers are everywhere but so few can do them right. It’s not simply a matter of throwing double beef on the bun because you still need quality over quantity. The benefit of double cheeseburgers is the layering. It allows you to slip extra pieces of cheese and bacon in between the patties. It’s better than having one huge meat puck and cream toppings upon. So it’s important to have slender meat patties on which to build upon your masterpiece. Here is my go-to recipe…

  • The Meat – 100% Grass-fed beef 85/15, not too lean, not too fatty, seasoned only with Salt and Pepper or with Weber Burger Seasoning
  • The Cheese – Extra Sharp Cheddar, no question
  • The Bacon – Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon, cooked in the oven.
  • The Sauce – I’ve been enjoying the Heinz Kansas City BBQ Sauce
  • The Bun – Brioche buns because they aren’t as thick and taste a bit like cake. Toasted just before build
  • Don’t waste any time on vegetables they only cause instability and slippage.

Pair this with a fresh batch of deep-fried tater tots and you have a meal I could eat every day for the rest of my life. No matter how much it shortens it.