Welcome to Cheat Week?

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Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Most diets will let you have a cheat day, but the days following Christmas to New Year’s are declared cheat week. If you know you will be going back on your diet, why not try to gain as much weight as possible to skew those top numbers so it will look like you accomplished more? Who are you kidding, you haven’t been on a diet since Thanksgiving and have been enjoying a cheat month.

One time at work they had a competition of who could maintain their weight during the holidays. If you stayed within a few pounds then you would get a gift card or something. I had a co-worker who actually lost weight during the challenge. Here’s how he did it. On the day of the weigh-in, he had on a big sweater with an undershirt, canvas cargo pants, and boots. When he was weighed after the holidays it was unseasonably warm and he was only wearing a Dri-fit polo shirt, some light khaki pants, and loafers. He lost 4 lbs over the holidays! Talk about a real cheat month!

But seriously, why not just treat food with respect and enjoy foods but don’t overindulge. I’ve been a food lifestyle change since January 2016 and my body rejects junk food almost immediately. I feel terrible when I eat it, so I rarely reach for it.

What food do you order without thinking?

If a menu has deviled eggs included, then they will be automatically ordered. It may seem like a food to pass over, but there is so much goodness in a food so devilish. They are simple to make as well. The best recipe I’ve found is Ron Swanson’s Deviled Eggs. I’m not sure if he really made them since he’s a fictional character, but they are really good with a few modifications. Swap out the mayo for Miracle Whip, the cayenne with reaper dust and top each one with a piece of bacon. The reaper powder is so you don’t have to share.

Continental Breakfast Disappointment

When I was a kid I heard about the continental breakfast at the hotel we were staying. I thought this is going to be a huge breakfast of plate tectonic proportions. Rivers of sausage gravy, bacon tray falling over like water falls, mountains of biscuits, and piles of scrambled eggs thick like a tempur-pedic mattress.

To my dismay, I was greeted with a tray of donuts, danishes, cereal, juice, and coffee. I guess this is food that’s available on every continent and not continental is size.

We are partial to Hilton brand hotels. We enjoy the free breakfast at the Hampton Inn and Homewood suites takes it up a notch. Although not free, Hilton Garden Inn has a great buffet and it’s what I imagined as a child.

We go out of our Wei

Kung Pao Chicken, extra spicy

On a recent trip, I had my first real disappointment with Pei Wei. I get the same thing every time; Kung Pao chicken extra spicy with fried rice. When it came out, it was loaded with veggies and very little chicken and barely covered with sauce. I sent it back, and when it returned there were a few extra pieces of chicken and gloopy sauce (not stir-fried into the meat) and a hand full of chili peppers thrown on. When I left I felt like complaining but on my next visit to that town, the Pei Wei was no longer in business.

If we are ever in the vicinity of a Pei Wei, we will make every effort to eat there. We visited friends in Clearwater, FL and visited Big Cat Rescue and timed it so that we could eat lunch at the nearby Pei Wei. We will fight Charlotte traffic on 485 just to get a taste like a drug addict. I’m sure if we had a Pei Wei in our town then it would lose its luster and we would probably get sick of it. Either that or I would weigh 1000 pounds.

How to get free coffee at Disney resorts

I once stayed at the Swan and Dolphin resort inside Walt Disney World during a company retreat. It’s a really nice hotel and something I wouldn’t choose to stay at normally. The cafes and restaurants are out of this world expensive so I can see why someone would want to float the bill to someone else. I had a large purchase on my room and it turned out to be $28 worth of food at the Java bar. I at first thought it was an in-room charge for using the Starbucks coffee pods.

When I checked in, their credit card machine was down. So they used one of those carbon-copy machines to do an imprint. I’m shocked those things still exist. I assumed someone found my card and went caffeine crazy. To my dismay, all someone had to do is write down a room number to charge it. You should have to at least verify the name or show some I.D. This hotel went retro with the credit and mistakes were made. The good thing is they gave me my money back, but the guy in accounting didn’t act like he believed me. I said I have a digital trail that shows I was in Hollywood Studios during the time of purchase. But the tone from him was “Yeah, sure”. Oh well, at least someone got free coffee overpriced coffee.

Ice to drink ratio

Do you ask for no ice, extra ice, or light ice? If you don’t ask you will get a drinking vessel filled with ice and about one gulp of drink. I ask for no ice because fountain drinks are usually cold and I like full throttle carbonation for max belching power.

Super Simple Sunday Sausage Gravy

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Well, it can be if you decide to scratch make your own biscuits from flour you’ve harvested and milk you’ve pulled from the cow. You can also raise your own pigs and grow your own herbs, invest in a meat grinder and create your own sausage. That’s pretty much how the description goes for any Food Network show that creates this dish. Not worth the effort. Here’s a quick fix.

  1. Cook as many Pillsbury Grand buttermilk biscuits as you desire
  2. A roll of Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage, brown it, don’t overcook it
  3. Cover the browned sausage with 1/4 cup of flour
  4. Pour in 2 cups of whole milk over the floury sausage
  5. Add some salt and pepper
  6. Let it get thick and bubbly
  7. Cut the biscuits in half and pour over the sausage gravy.
  8. Eat it
  9. Or you can put it all in a Vitamix blender with a bit of extra milk and have a Sausage Gravy Shake.