This restaurant will always get a five star rating



When you travel it’s nice to stop off somewhere for a quick bite to eat. However fast food has become more and more disgusting as I grow older. Kentucky Fried Fish or Long John Chicken are two that I have a soft spot for. Well, several soft spots and not just because Long John Silver’s got me out of the hospital.

The sad thing is more and more Long John Silver’s are setting sail over the horizon. While I’m not a fan of hybrid restaurants I think they could do better to draw in more foodies. For instance, take the batter from Long John Silver’s and infuse it with KFC’s 11 herbs and spices. Take a couple of fish planks and cover it in mash potatoes and gravy for a nice Irish fisherman’s pie. The possibilities are endless!

How to order coffee at Starbucks

beans coffee drink cafe

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Does anyone drink coffee anymore? Whenever I sit at a Starbucks or similar coffee house and hear someone order a beverage it sounds way too complicated. It’s mostly milk/cream, sugar with very little coffee added. It’s more like a coffee flavored beverage. I get coffee, it’s easy, and all it needs to be added is a cup. But seriously, the only way to order coffee at Starbucks is to buy the beans and grind them at home to use them in your French Press. That is if you like over-roasted beans.


Starbucks is just like Maxwell House


My Old Setup in 2002

Today, people flock to Starbucks because it’s what they know, they don’t know any better. When I was growing up I could not stand the taste of coffee. My parents and grandparents would pour these foul-smelling cups of what looked like oil runoff from the Sears Auto Center.  It’s what they knew because it was the cornerstone of the market. People get used to what they know and it’s hard to change.

When I do buy a Starbucks coffee I get the jitters because there is so much caffeine in each cup. It’s like they spray the beans with extra caffeine before they grind them. Get to know a local roaster, it’s the best way to get your coffee, it will cost less and taste much better.

How to pick a good watermelon

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How that it’s hot and humid outside, what better way to cool down than with a slice of watermelon. If you ever see somebody with a pickup bed full of melons, here’s how to get a deal. For instance, if you can get one for $6 dollars or two for $10. Buy two of them and then ask to return one of them. Since one watermelon is worth $6 dollars you end up paying only $4 for the one watermelon. It’s a great deal. If they don’t accept returns, just smash both of your watermelons all over the pavement so that the onlookers can see. It’s only $10, and how fun is it to smash a watermelon? Just ask Gallagher.

Homemade food at a restaurant?

bake baked basil broccoli

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When you hear someone talk about a restaurant and they say that everything here is homemade, do they actually make the food at their home and then bring it to their restaurant? Why not just serve the food out of their house instead of transporting it to another place? Seems to me they would save a ton of money and not have to reheat everything.

It’s pretty easy to recreate Olive Garden dishes at home. All you have to do is go to your grocer’s freezer section and pick up a selection of Marie Callender’s entrees. Well, actually, Marie’s taste better.

A family is not required

Swig and Swine Family tray of meat

If you have the option to order a family platter of anything, you should. If the family is a qualifier then tell them you have a family, but they are not with you. When you order a family platter ask if it’s a family of pigs you are eating or is the quantity meant to be consumed by a family. That’s an important piece of information, otherwise, you may eat too much.

Also, everyone needs a family. That title was misleading.

New Chewing Gum Flavors


When I was a kid I wished they would come up with new chewing gum flavors. Juicy Fruit, Fruit Stripe, and Double Mint flavors could only last about a minute after the initial chew. I was looking for flavors like Kentucky fried chicken or McDonald’s french fries gum.

People go nuts for Jelly Belly beans and even the Beanboozled flavors, so why have we not crossed this marketing line with chewing gum? Imagine a Cool Ranch Doritos or Hot buttered popcorn flavored gum. The possibilities are endless when you think about a BBQ based line of flavors. Bacon, Pulled Pork, Pork Belly, or even Brisket flavored. I’m sure it would sell out…