Enough with the Daylight Savings

St. Simon Island Sunrise

I once read a letter to the editor of a newspaper in which the person was complaining about springing forward. It was causing too much sunlight thus destroying their garden and lawn. I agree with this person. I think it’s time to stop springing forward. Let’s keep falling back though. Each fall we should continue to set our clocks back. How cool would it be to have our days and nights mixed up for a few years like newborn babies? To be honest, let’s start a petition at the White House to stop springing forward and back and just leave the clock in the spring forward position. Let’s let God handle the daylight.

Rules are meant to be broken…

This is probably one of the most common sayings in our slippery slope society. Rules are NOT meant to be broken. Rules are meant to be kept! Rules keep us safe. Rules set boundaries. Rules are put in place because we don’t know how to behave.

One thing that we don’t want to do is change the rules just because everyone is doing something a certain way. That’s the difference between ethics and morals. There is a concept of right and wrong, and gray areas just show confusion and ignorance about ethical principals.