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How to pick a Wal-Mart Shopping Cart

February 21, 2018

    I think Wal-mart is the only company that doesn’t maintain their shopping carts. They’ve come up with a trick that will encourage you to endure the punishment of wobbly wheels for the shopping duration. The trick is they cover the solarium with a bunch of uneven stone tiles. You won’t notice the wheels… Read More ›

I can’t believe we are wearing watches again

Watches are quite annoying and I was hoping they would eventually go away. I think it’s hilarious that marketing has tricked people into wearing watches again. For me, the smartphone did away with the need for a watch. I grew up wearing Ironman triathlons and the rubbery plastic band would begin to reek of rancid… Read More ›

How to shop at Aldi

Since we’ve been shopping at Aldi we’ve saved a bunch of money. Here are a few thing to take note of while shopping at Aldi. Bring a Quarter Even out the cart corral, don’t pull from the short stack. You should always keep a quarter in your car, or bolt cutters. Sometimes Aldi will have… Read More ›

“Customer” Customer Service is superior

I now understand why people wear pajamas and house shoes while shopping at Walmart. However, If you really want to draw attention to yourself, wear a red shirt with tan pants to Target. If you are caught in this situation, you have two options: Tell them you don’t work there, or try to help them… Read More ›

Don’t be ashamed buying feminine products.

I think all guys are required to buy feminine products for their spouse as a married man right of passage. It’s a humbling experience and a awkward one if there is another woman in the aisle, especially if you ask for recommendations. Almost as awkward when you ask a waiter for a sanitary napkin, when… Read More ›

The Customer is Usually Wrong

The customer is ultimately the one who gives you money, but that shouldn’t make them right. Customers should implore some common sense before they go asking inane questions to store associates. I worked in retail for a few years at Office Depot and it was quite frustrating to deal with some people. Most of the… Read More ›

One star reviews are the most accurate.

This is where product review gold is found. You will find the most minuscule of complaints about how a product didn’t meet expectations. Complaints like, the a golf GPS not lowering your score because you are not able to hit your pitching wedge 170 yards like Dustin Johnson. My favorite so far is reading a… Read More ›

Should we still be opening doors for people?

But don’t be surprised if a woman yells at you for being a sexist. “What? A woman can’t open a door herself?” I saw a young man open the door for his girlfriend as she was driving his truck. Maybe it was her truck. Regardless it was an ugly truck. I’m confused… When I do… Read More ›

Can you buy online and pickup in store?

The short answer is no. Once upon a time, I tried to stop by Toys R Us and pick up the something for my child. Picked up the box, walked to the front registers and this is where the insanity begins. Me: “I saw this at for 10 dollars less, can I get that… Read More ›

eBay Sniper Street Fighters

There are two styles of eBayers. One will snipe an auction at the last minute and the other will set a price limit.  My strategy is simple. I find an item that I want and I place a maximum bid of what I’m willing to pay. If I get outbid, so be it. This all… Read More ›