My Farewell to Cargo Shorts

I’m down to my last pair of cargo shorts. I’ve slowly phased them out during my weight loss journey. For one, they make my legs look bigger than they should. The second reason is I rarely put anything in those huge side saddle sacks. Whenever I did fill them with items the weight of the contents pulls my shorts down exposing my undergarments. That or I would forget about the items and they would end up being laundered.

I’ve switched to Nike Dri-Fit Golf Shorts. They keep the swamp crotch down to a minimum. Combined with Bullpen underwear and there’s no need for adjustments. Unless you want to.

Thank you cargo shorts for being part of my capsule wardrobe for such a long duration. However, if I ever have the need to be groped by a TSA agent, then I will wear you through the checkpoint. Maybe I’ll pair you with a Scottevest so that everyone misses their flight while they search my 500 pockets.

How to deal with going bald…

Nice hairline!

I’m not talking about going bald naturally. I’m talking about people who are shaving their heads on purpose while they clearly have a full head of hair. I get it, it’s super convenient to shave your head so you have one less thing to prepare for the day. But you need to cherish every hair on your head before it’s too late.

Coming from someone who has lost many hairs over the years there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the stubble line of someone with a full head of hair while my scalp looks like a mid-summer lawn that has been ravaged by grubs.