How to get more sleep while you travel

This person is asleep at the gate when you are waiting on the plane. They somehow wake up long enough to get inside the plane (before you), and when you walk past they are already sound asleep. They sleep through snack time but sometimes wake up for burnt coffee and moldy nuts. This person is not sleeping they just don’t want to talk to you or let you get up to use the toilet. Or maybe they are dead.

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Creative littering at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

TTC Monorail onramp  at Walt Disney World

Disney cast members do a fantastic job at keeping garbage out of your way. However, they are usually concerned with trash on the ground. I guess if you are going to litter, then why not be skilled at it. Not sure how this skittles wrapper ended up here, but I’m impressed. Won’t be long before guests will fling their refuse into the trees on the main street town square.

Is Walt Disney World all washed up?

Made a hidden Mickey with camera angles (noticed after the fact)

Nothing is more frustrating than pushing a button for soap snot. I’m surprised that Disney World hasn’t adopted the foam dispensers. I love the foam because it cleans well and doesn’t make you rinse your hands for 20 minutes. I’m sure the initial cost would be huge, but the long-term savings would be tremendous. That way Disney can lower their ticket prices and offer free parking.

Hostility at the Hampton Inn


selective focus grayscale photography of baseball
Photo by Rachel Xiao on

Things probably could have gone horribly wrong once at a Hampton Inn. There was a traveling baseball team, who pretty much devoured all the food at breakfast if you didn’t wake up in time. I’m guessing one of the coaches or older brothers was having a bit too much to drink late one evening and starting hollering at me as I entered the snack area.
Him: “Who do you play for?!”
I made a quick pivot towards the direction of the yelling. My natural reaction which isn’t the most friendly, but it didn’t seem to back him down at all. He walked towards me getting in my face, the vapor trail of alcohol soon followed.
Him: “Do you play for Bartlett?”
Me: “What?”
Him: You cool with Justin Timberlake and all that S#!t”?
Me: “I don’t even know what you are trying to ask me.”
Him: “Someone stole my M…’ lunch today…”
Me: “They have a good breakfast here, hope you enjoy it”
He kept talking while I walked away…
I looked for a Bluetooth earpiece, or maybe he was so drunk that he was about to pass out. Who knows…