Be careful when buying a new 4K Television

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It can be addictive and expensive. As Black Friday deals are tempting, you have to be careful and cautious of a few things.

First, you buy a new 4K TV, then you have no 4K content. So what do you do? You go buy a 4K Movie Player with a few movies. Then you find out that your audio receiver isn’t 4K compatible with your new player and TV.  So you have to buy a new receiver. Oops, your old HDMI cables don’t support Dolby Atmos or DTS-X. Oh yeah, when you have to pull out and re-fish all the wires into the walls because you are a neat freak that doesn’t like to see cables hanging from your mounted TV. Oh yeah, the TV is heavy, get a buddy to help lift it so you don’t herniate a disk.


Driving to rent Digital movies

What’s more convenient than downloading a digital movie? Buying a code online, driving to a box, getting a disc, and then downloading a movie and then throwing away some trash. The whole reason I go to Redbox is to get a high-quality physical media disc for a second rate movie. I cringe when I watch a movie on demand or Netflix because of buffering and pixelation of the dark backgrounds. I wonder how many movies are streamed at the theater? Would the average moviegoer notice the difference?

Is it time to stop owning your media?

For as long as I’ve had money and ears I’ve been purchasing music. I started with cassette tapes in the 80s and moved on the CDs in the 90s followed by iTunes in the 00s.

Music (Yes)

I have a disappearing collection of CDs as they have all been put into apple audio or mp3 format. I rarely purchase a physical CD anymore unless I sign up for a Kickstarter campaign and get the artist to sign it. I purchase soundtracks for my favorite movies and have the physical CD and the auto-rip from Amazon. I finally subscribed to Apple music family plan, and for only $15 a month, my family and I can listen to anything we want.

Books (Maybe)

I’m slowly removing all my physical books from my shelf and replacing them with their digital counterpart. I’ll keep a few on the shelf because I could never part with them. My Grandmother’s study bible and hymnal, and my personal bible collection, and a few Star Wars books. But other than that I have everything on my Kindle. Let’s hope Amazon doesn’t close it’s virtual doors anytime soon.

Movies (No)

I still own many movies, I have VHS (but no VCR), DVDs (dwindling collection) and many Blu-rays and 4K discs. I also own the original non-special edition Star Wars films on Laser-disc (and a Laser-disc player). Blu-rays are superior in my opinion because they don’t buffer like streaming services. You get the highest quality picture and sound.

It’s a neat idea to have all your media in the cloud, it would put those time life CD infomercials out of business because you can dig in the virtual crates and find all your favorites, all for the easy payment of $9.99 a month.

Buying vs repairing televisions.

Remember when you would visit your grandparents and they had the huge oak box with a TV in it? You go back to visit 20 years later and the same TV is still playing reruns of Andy Griffith. What happened to those quality built TVs?

In 20 years I’ve owned a bunch of television sets. Every single one has failed me. You can’t get them repaired because to replace a button costs $500 and a new TV will cost you $550. So just toss it into the landfill and get some new tech.

I bought a 4,000 HDR UHDTV recently and it has been worth every penny of digital currency. If granny were still around she would probably fuss about me sticking my face so close to the screen to see those pixels.

The PlayStation 4 is terrible…

I know I’m late to the game on this, but I can’t believe how terrible the PS4 is. The menu system is clunky and it doesn’t allow you to put your favorites in the top row. We stuck a CD in there to rip to the hard drive and guess what? It doesn’t play CDs.

The PlayStation Pro goes even a step further in not letting you do things. While it supports 4k resolution, it doesn’t allow you to play 4K discs. What’s with all the disc hate?

I guess I’ll be switching to Xbox One X as soon as they get MLB the Show and the Street Fighter series. Oh wait, those are exclusive titles! Dang you to Hades PS4! It’s really smart of Sony to exclude the 4K Movie format, that way you have to buy their Ultra HD Bluray player.