How to go to sleep earlier

I once read a letter to the editor in which someone complained about having an extra hour of daylight because it ruined her garden. During the “spring forward” many complain about losing an hour of sleep. Well if you go to bed one hour earlier you can counteract this discrepancy. You might say, “I have trouble falling asleep!” Well, I’ve had my wrestle with insomnia, and let me tell you about this product. Non-habit forming and not as dangerous as radioactive butterflies. I had my rounds with prescription sleeping pills and Melatonin works just as well if not better than anything I’ve tried. They smell a little bit like death, but maybe that’s why they’re so effective. As the wise old Nas used to say. “Sleep is the cousin of death”.

Side note: I don’t understand why people are always saying this. “Ah, I slept like a baby last night”. I don’t consider a good night’s sleep including waking up every two and half hours to either poop in my pants or needing something to eat. I think it’s time we started sleeping like grown-ups.

Don’t forget to set your clocks on your range and microwave an hour ahead before you go to bed. If you rely on those electronics to wake you up.