How many more weeks until Spring?

Phil and Phil

Groundhog day is one of those special times of year where we all wait for a woodchuck to give us the forecast of how much longer we have deal with seasonal affective disorder. Don’t worry, spring will be here soon enough along with all of the allergies to go with it. Then you have summer heat exhaustion to look forward to. How about you just enjoy your present moments. Don’t put your trust in meteorologists or prognosticating rodents but rather a system we’ve all agreed upon.

Do this and you will never be depressed.

I wish it were that simple. Every January I get super bummed out. We usually take a vacation before Christmas and it sets the dopamine production into high gear. Once boxing day hits it’s a full crash. You take down the holiday decorations and you get back to your normal work life.

I didn’t think that Seasonal affective Disorder was a real thing, but once you hear it described so many times it almost becomes psychosomatic. They say that exercise is the best anti-depressant. However, if you are walking or running and trip over a curb and shatter your femur then things can get really depressing and fast. You will more than likely be prescribed addictive pain medication. That will then lead to constipation. So now you can’t exercise or poop.

The title of the article is misleading. You can’t be depressed without knowing joy and vice-versa. But if you get stuck on either end of the spectrum then there is something wrong. So what do you do? Life has highs and lows, but sometimes you need help to get out of the lows. Sometimes it takes prescription medication to get you out of your depression, but don’t let it become a crutch. Antidepressants are like a cast for a broken arm. Take the meds and talk to a professional about your problems. At some point, you can take the “cast” off. Or you can simply snap out of it like everyone suggests.