Nutrisystem Man Shaming

Hey Nutrisystem, I know you want to promote your product, but fat shaming men is not the best way. Don’t assume that all men are just sitting on the couch watching football and eating pie. Also, men can cook so stop with the gender stereotypes. I tried Nutrisystem for a month once and while I did lose weight as advertised it’s not a sustainable lifestyle. There are much better ways to lose weight than eating packaged food. The key is creating a lifestyle, not a short term fix.

Do you still weigh yourself?

IMG_2272Don’t ever weigh yourself on January 2nd. To quote Yoda, “Only pain you will find”. Weight is a terrible measurement of health. What I mean is, don’t let the scale dictate how you should feel about yourself.  You should go on how your clothes fit. If you want to get technical then go by body fat percentage. Buy yourself some fancy fat pinchers if you must know the details. Don’t go by BMI because you can be obese even if you are an elite athlete bodybuilding freak of nature.

I started a new way of eating a few years ago and I lost weight quickly at first but then the next year I lost no weight at all. Once you get comfortable in your clothes, you should shop for some new and donate the old. If you buy quality threads you can also sell them on eBay