Changing some of the Golf Rules

Is KFC the 10th Hole?

The pace of play in the game of golf has become ridiculous. I will refuse to play on the weekends unless a family member is visiting. I know it’s all about making money regardless of skill level, but I believe there should be some local course rule changes to adapt to the times.

Spread out the tee times

Stop booking tee times ten minutes apart. Even the best players have difficulty finishing a hole in 10 minutes or less if they are walking.

Seniors day

If you have a group of four eighty-year-olds, don’t let them go out first and put them in front of four groups of scratch golfers.

Amateur day

Have a specific time of day when you let amateurs and kids play. Spread the tee times about 30 minutes apart to allow for lost ball searching and hitting 3 topped shots out of the fairway.

Walker Wednesday

Some of us don’t like to ride in a cart. We don’t want to be intimidated by carts trying to run us over in the fairway.

I can’t believe we are wearing watches again


Watches are quite annoying and I was hoping they would eventually go away. I think it’s hilarious that marketing has tricked people into wearing watches again. For me, the smartphone did away with the need for a watch. I grew up wearing Ironman triathlons and the rubbery plastic band would begin to reek of rancid cheese after any sort of pre-pubescent physical activity. The watch would also pull the hairs out of your arms if had one of those metal Cylon accordion bands.

But here we are in a smartphone era and watches are still selling. Why are watches so popular now? Because they’re stuffing smartphones into watches. Brilliant! The only watch I currently own is a SkyCaddy Watch that tells me how far into the woods and tells me it’s time to give up looking for it.