Is couponing worth your time?

Coupon Fairy Delivered!

I’m not talking about saving a ton of money. I’m speaking about saving a bunch of time by not clipping coupons. It seems like every time I try to use a coupon the cashier reads the fine print trying to find a loophole so I can’t save 10% on a bag of cat litter. I don’t clip coupons from a newspaper either. Yes, they still sell newspapers despite all the climate normalizing tree-hugging in this world.  All the food advertised is terrible for you. I have yet to find a coupon for grass-fed beef,  cruciferous vegetables,  or a bag of dried pinto beans. Instead of clipping digital coupons and adding them to your BJ’s membership card, how about taking a play out of Costco’s book. Don’t make it a game, just put your items on sale with no coupon required. The only coupon I clip is the checkbox next to the subscribe and save selection on

Coupons make you spend more because most have a threshold to meet. You end up buying something you don’t need as a filler because you needed to spend $100 to get $20 off.  It’s really simple math, just take your hourly wage and calculate how much wage you lost during that time. Save a ton, don’t clip none!