Mail in rebates are a waste of time.

How about sending me my money!

It’s fantastic that retailers still do mail-in rebates. Instead of offering a rebate you just offer a lower-priced product by the rebate amount. You will move more products and not bait and switch.

I don’t clip coupons because they are a waste of time and I won’t purchase a product, cut out the barcode, copy my receipt and wait for the mailman to steal my rebate. Western Digital still owes me $50 from 1998 for a 500 MB hard drive.

Can you buy online and pickup in store?


The short answer is no.

Once upon a time, I tried to stop by Toys R Us and pick up something for my child. Picked up the box, walked to the front registers and this is where the insanity begins.
  • Me: “I saw this at for 10 dollars less, can I get that price?”
  • Them: “No, we don’t price match”
  • Me: “You don’t price match yourself”
  • Them: “No sir”
  • Me: “Ok, let me use my iPhone to order it online and pick up in store, You know how ridiculous this is right?”
  • Them: “I don’t make the policy”
  • Me: “Should I carry this over to Customer Service, because that’s where I’ll need to pick it up.”
  • Them: “I’ll carry it for you” (I enter my info, pick my store, and guess what, it’s out of stock!)
  • Me: “I’m holding the product, and yet it’s out of stock at your store.”
  • Them: “Yes sir, when it’s the last one, it’s out of stock”
  • Me: “You know how ridiculous this is right”.
  • Them: “I don’t make the policy”
  • Me: “So I can’t buy this for the online price, even though it’s in stock here.”
  • Them: “I don’t make the policy”
  • Me: “Well, I guess you will lose $40 instead of only $10, I’ll just pay $1 more from”
  • Them: “I don’t make the policy”

I would like to know who failed Marketing and Economics and made these policies.