Best way to store all your digital photos.

dslr camera
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Seems like everywhere you go during the year you take a thousand pictures of whatever place you visit. It used to be that only a few people had a camera and now everyone has a camera on their phone. How do you manage all those photos? Do you delete bad ones? Do you get them printed? Do you wait until your hard drive fills up and crashes so that you lose all of your memories? I say lose your memories because you were too busy fiddling with your phone rather than actually enjoying the event you attended.

Here’s my process and I keep it pretty simple. For the DSLR¬† I download pictures to my Windows and remove the undesirables. I sometimes will delete pictures off the camera if I know it’s already terrible. I pick a few that I really like and adjust the image to make it pop using Adobe Lightroom. Once a year I send our “school pictures” to and get them framed. I also use my favorite photos for my screen savers on my computers. For my iPhone pictures and video I download them to the Macbook and do the same process there.

Once everything has been sorted and adjusted everything gets backed up onto an external drive on my home network. I went with Synology because it has an app that runs on my machine that will automatically backup my files to the NAS. If you are an Amazon prime user, and who isn’t these days, there is a free app that will store unlimited photos. So if you segregate your pics and video like I do, you can have that extra layer of security.