Taking your pet on vacation.


You take your dog everywhere. The grocery store, restaurants, movie theaters, and airplanes. I’m not talking about service dogs, I’m speaking of peoples pets.  Taking your dog on everywhere is the cool and hip thing to do. So why not take it on vacation? After all, the dog is part of your family, so why not let it enjoy all of your adventures. However, if you don’t take your dog on vacation, please find someone who can look after them.

We have a cat and if we are gone for more than two days then we hire a house/pet sitter. We pay them to come and stay at our house. They sleep here, they eat here, they take care of our pets. Cats are pretty easy to take care of and don’t need much attention. Cats really don’t need humans.

However, if you have a dog, it’s a different story. Dogs need constant attention because they are highly social creatures. If you don’t hire a house sitter then take your puppers to the kennel where they can get social interaction. Leaving your dog in your house over night and someone letting it out all day is unfair to your dog and your neighbors. The dog will bark all day because it’s lonely. If there are two dogs they will try to out-bark each other. If you are going to be cruel, take it up a notch and just throw on a shock collar and leave them outside in the cold. At least it won’t bother anyone else since you won’t be bothered with caring for your animals.

Is Theme park preferred parking worth it?

man standing on parking lot
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Legoland, Universal Studios Florida, and now Disney World offer “preferred parking”. It seems like a needless expense, but it depends on how long you stay in the park and how stubborn you are. I like to stay all day at a park because I refuse to waste money on those park tickets. However, I’m too frugal for parking upgrades. I’m remorseful on my way out of the park when I’m having to walk those extra 5 miles to my vehicle. I’m not a fan of waiting on the parking lot tram and the extra 10 minutes it takes for the “final” boarding call as people climb on top of the tram like it’s an escape from a war zone. The real war zone is free bus transportation.

Disney Theme park guest stereotypes

Walt telling you to leave

Rules don’t apply Guy

Selfie stick is banned? No problem, I’ll shove it up my butt if I have to sneak it in. Guy can even sneak in a cooler with lunch for his whole crew.

Line skipper Skip

This person will come to the front of the line when it’s time to ride. How do they accomplish this? They let someone else wait for them. Whether it be a grandmother in a scooter or a wife with a stroller he manages to let others do the waiting. Always uses the phrase. “So sorry, just catching up with my family”.

Stroller steam roller Sally

She has the biggest stroller you’ve ever seen and it’s her weapon to make a path through the park. Your ankles will be destroyed. It will be your fault if you are hit.

Bassackwards Bruce

He’s related to Debbie and Patty, but he will reverse course in an instant. He will at least wait until you are right behind him and carrying a beverage so that it dumps over both of you.

Single Rider Abusing Bobby

Bobby will use the single rider line with his family of 12 leaving his younger children to fend for themselves either in line with strangers at the gift shop.

Never Hungry Hugh

He’s always munching on something. Turkey legs, popcorn, ice cream, and he’s never hungry. Not necessarily a fat person, but a person with deep pockets.

Flashy Frida

Frida like to use her flash on a dark ride, during fireworks, or to locate someone with the strobe effect on her phone. Frida doesn’t care if the ride is supposed to be dark and spooky. She’s the only person riding.

Body Oder Bo

BO Bo likes to sweat it up all day at the park while smelling like a tub of french onion dip. The tactic works as it frees up space around him and sometimes will make people leave the line because they will start craving wavy potato chips.

Dead Stop Debbie

She will be walking in front of you and then come to a complete stop to check for wait times. Keep a safe following distance to allow her to stop and clear a path for any Sally’s nearby.

Path Blocking Patty

She’s at the exit of a ride looking at her one of many hundreds of selfies from the previous ride. She’s could be waiting for the rest of her party at the Fastpass entrance. She doesn’t want you to experience the ride before her so she pleads for you to wait so her family can all ride together.

Fastpass Freddie

Always has a FastPass no matter what. Somehow he’s got a friend on the inside or is using the FastPass that he booked for his 2-year-old or wife who gets motion sick.


Fancy resorts go that extra mile.

When your toilet paper is folded, you know that your resort really cares. It’s nice to find this because you are getting an unviolated roll. Unless someone finished wiping and this is how they tore the last piece. I wonder if this is something employees are trained to do or is this something they do on their own?

Don’t ruin your trip to Washington DC


Stay in Virginia

Unless you like throwing away money, you can stay at a similar hotel in Arlington Virginia for a fraction of the cost. I recommend the Homewood Suites near the Rosslyn Metro station. They have a free shuttle to Rosslyn Metro which will connect you to the Orange, Blue, and Silver lines.

Use the Metro Rail

If you love driving around and seeing endless brake lights, then by all mean, hop in your automobile. Overcome your fear of confined underground metal bacteria tubes and use the Metro Rail. I’d suggest starting at $20 per rider and refilling it as needed. You can get to all the major sights by using this transportation method if you don’t mind a little walking to and from the Metro stations.

Contact your Senator

If you plan ahead you can contact your state Senator and book a White House, Capital, and Library of Congress Tour. The Capital tour was my favorite because it was a small group and our guide was very knowledgeable. We also got to ride the underground people mover from the Senator’s office to the Capital Building. Plus we got to go in rooms not available to the general public.

Pack Light (most of the time)

For Government buildings, you will be restricted to small purses or handbag. Don’t bring a backpack with everyone’s lunch or water bottles. If you take a capital tour with your Senator’s office, you can leave your backpack in the air-conditioned office and pick it up when you are done. You can take pictures and they will let you know with vigor when you can’t. Small point and shoot camera or your smartphone are fine. Do not attempt to bring your SLR with a 600mm lens.

Bring a reusable water bottle and snacks

For times you can bring a larger bag (museum days), fill a reusable water bottle with ice from your hotel. Most places have those filtered reusable water stations that remind you haven’t killed any sea turtles today.  There aren’t many options to eat at the National Mall, so pack a few snacks so that you don’t have any hangry meltdowns.

Minimize your walking

Don’t try to do the National Mall in one day. Going from the Capital Building to the Lincoln Memorial is quite a haul. We did it, it is possible, but I regret it. Try to plan your museum visits based on your metro stops.

Use the DC Circular

To help minimize your walking there is a large red bus that will stop at all major spots in and around the National Mall. It’s only $1 for as long as you ride. Some drivers will let your kids on for free. Good for getting from one end of the National Mall to the other.

Suggested YouTube Channel: Trip Hacks DC


How to enjoy your vacation from work

Your inbox is flooded

When you take time off do you enjoy yourself or do you worry about what work awaits you when you get back to the office? Do you check your email while you are on vacation? How do you break this habit?

It’s a difficult habit to break in our “connected” world. I only have one mobile phone and I use it for work. I remember a professor of mine complaining about his beeper. He felt like he was a dog on a leash and didn’t like the “chain jerking”.

Here are a few tips that I don’t follow whatsoever.

Delete your email accounts

Just temporarily, I know it’s a pain to set them back up, but put it on your timesheet as “Admin”. Don’t try to sneak into your email from the web access either. You won’t like what awaits you.

Leave your smartphone at work in a locked drawer

Remember when you were a teenager in the 90s and didn’t have a smartphone and no one bothered you? Yeah me too. Take a trip down memory lane and ditch the smartphone for a week. Your wife and kids will eventually find you.


For a successful beach trip, do this!


Who doesn’t love the beach? Well, I for one really do not care for it. The sand, the sunburn, the people. Anytime people get near water is seems their brain reduces functionality.

Beach Activities

Setup fishing poles in front of other families so that children get caught in the lines and potentially get hooked. Bring games where you throw objects that land onto others beach area causing sand to fly onto them.

Bring Your Pets

Cats love the sand, it’s just one giant litter box. Buried treasure is always fun for kids when they go digging in the sand. Keep a dog tied up to a food filled wagon so he can eat his fill. Let him loose to swim and allow him to take a huge dump  where others children are playing in the water.

Bring some Food

Seagulls love food as much as you do. Once they see that wonderful white bread they will terrorize anyone around. Feed them so that it becomes a problem for other families.

Booze it Up!

Even though the beach is alcohol free, bring your booze inside of a Sonic styrofoam cup or Gatorade bottle. You can still get drunk, obnoxious, and curse at the top of your lungs when your corn hole bag doesn’t hit the target. Don’t forget to blast profane music while your inhibitions are reduced causing you to grind each other on the beach.

With these tips, I’m sure everyone will have a good time at the beach.