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The PlayStation 4 is terrible…

February 10, 2018

I know I’m late to the game on this, but I can’t believe how terrible the PS4 is. The menu system is clunky and it doesn’t allow you to put your favorites in the top row. We stuck a CD in there to rip to the hard drive and guess what? It doesn’t play CDs…. Read More ›

No More CDs at Best Buy!

I think it’s hilarious that vinyl has become popular again. For the longest time it was all the rage and the only thing that existed. Did you ever listen to a 78 speed record at 33 and a third, it was quite amusing. Cassette tapes made music portable and CDs made it even easier to… Read More ›

What is the worst thing you’ve smelled?

  I’ve got a pretty sensitive nose and I’ve always smelled everything since I was a kid. Have no idea why but whenever I pick something up no matter what it is I smell it. Smell is also linked to memory somehow, so I guess that’s why I have a good memory.   Here are… Read More ›

Facebook one upmanship…

Pick out one of your friends on facebook. Next, copy and paste one of their posts, but change out the proper nouns. Try to take similar photos, share the same status messages from other websites. However, the twist is this, you have to make your status messages better than theirs. I mean, that’s the point… Read More ›

Better Titles for Movie Sequels

With today’s attention span, Hollywood can’t run the risk of confusing the audience of movie sequels. Some choose not to number their movies, probably because the director knows their fan base is smart enough to distinguish the difference. It’s easy to follow the sequence of “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The Dark Knight Rises”…. Read More ›

You should still be singing these songs…

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you stop singing these songs. Winter Wonderland This song has nothing to do with Christmas. Rather it’s about weather precipitation, the perils of building snowmen, the migration patterns of birds, and making wedding plans. Jingle Bells Again, why is this associated with Christmas? This song is about treacherous… Read More ›