Man shaming in commercials

Why are so many companies choosing to throw men under the bus in television commercials? Not sure what the motivation is to make men seem like the lowest levels of animals and that they are worthless. There is probably more examples and more that needs to be said but here are just a few.

Panera Bread

Two males eating delivered sandwiches because they can’t even do that simple task? Or maybe it’s a passive-aggressive shot at women because they are not there to make them sandwiches?


A man can’t eat in his new kitchen? The women are cleaning up after him before he even gets a chance too. Some men like to clean, stop stereotyping, Nationwide.


A man wants to do a home improvement project but the wife laughs at him is the most condescending way? Getting a bonus check for not using your insurance turns into a fat-shaming incident because she wanted a refund for his gym membership? Wow.

I’ve written about this before, but calling men fat pieces of garbage on the couch “so to speak” and stop shoving our holes full of pie might motivate some dieters, but abuse is no way to sell your product. Yes, I’ve tried Nutrisystem and you can do just as well by eating the cardboard it came in.

There are numerous other commercials for home improvement projects where the woman is humiliating the man in front of other people.

Disney removed the Pirates of the Caribbean “Auction” Scene

So Disney has decided to remove the “human trafficking” scene in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. Yes, the pirates ride. Just look up what real pirates have done in the past. So if you really think about it, the whole ride should be shut down. This scene was removed and replaced with a lady pirate with red hair. However, the war mongering, torture, arson, thievery, drunkenness, domestic violence towards men scenes will stay.

Please just leave the rides alone.

How to talk during a movie.

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It’s okay to laugh or cry, but how do you properly carry on a conversation during a movie? Well, you don’t. When you go to a movie you sit and enjoy the film and do not run your mouth. We are not paying to hear your commentary. If you are one of the people who doesn’t shut up during a film then you should probably wait until the DVD/Blu-ray/VHS/Laserdisc is released. There are people who are sitting near you that are on the edge of dumping a soda in your lap. Yes, I purchase the option for free refills.

The best thing since sliced bread.



Don’t reserve the seats outside the theater


Why does something get compared to sliced bread whenever it’s considered the best new thing? With a good knife, bread is easy to slice.  However, if I had to pick something as the best thing since sliced bread then I’m going to go with reserved theater seating. I’m so glad that my local theater has deployed this method of sitting.  Using your smartphone to pick the seat you want as soon as tickets go on sale is super convenient. It allows for dinner time beforehand without the pressure of waiting in a line that snakes out the door. It also allows you to skip the 20 minutes of previews that you’ve already seen on Youtube. During that time people have polished off their trough of popcorn so you can skip the part where it sounds like everyone around you is eating wicker furniture.

So what happens when you get to your seat and someone is perched there? It hasn’t happened yet, but in our age of entitlement and equality, it’s only a matter of time before someone complains that it’s not fair that you got the best seat in the house. You know,  because you planned ahead.

May the 4th Be With You?


May the ordinal number 4 be with you? Well, that doesn’t make sense. That’s because we live in a society where grammar doesn’t make sense anymore. I know it’s supposed to be a play on “May the force be with you” and it was cute when it first started. However, now that you see it posted for every Facebook friend you have, the luster is lost. I mean I guess if everything else can have a day, why not Star Wars? Why not release a Star Wars movie every year on May the 4th?

Buying vs repairing televisions.

Remember when you would visit your grandparents and they had the huge oak box with a TV in it? You go back to visit 20 years later and the same TV is still playing reruns of Andy Griffith. What happened to those quality built TVs?

In 20 years I’ve owned a bunch of television sets. Every single one has failed me. You can’t get them repaired because to replace a button costs $500 and a new TV will cost you $550. So just toss it into the landfill and get some new tech.

I bought a 4,000 HDR UHDTV recently and it has been worth every penny of digital currency. If granny were still around she would probably fuss about me sticking my face so close to the screen to see those pixels.

How do you turn off Netflix Preview Music and Video?

Dear Netflix,

Please provide us a way to turn off the automatic music and previews that play when we browse for shows. The auto preview will usually flash up the most gratuitus violence or key plot points. I understand having the theme song or overture for the movie, but this made up music is terrible. It gets even worse if you share the same music across the different movie titles. Yes, I know there is a mute button, but there is no way to stop the mini trailers. Well, I guess you could unsubscribe from Netflix or go old school and get the discs.