Dogs can’t replace children

This couple is taking it pretty well that their offspring aren’t providing any grandchildren. As much as our society is trying, dogs will never replace children in value. It makes me sad to even write that, but I feel that our society wants this to happen. Even the movie “The Boss Baby” addresses the issue.

Mall Kiosk Hostages

I really used to love going to malls. One of my favorite memories as a kid was scraping up enough money during the week to purchase a new hip-hop cassette tape and a paper cup of thick cut fries from the Steak Escape. We took our children to the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville on vacation so they could see it’s grandness. I turned my back for one minute and it happened. My daughter was held hostage by a shiny object at a kiosk.

The young lady was selling “splat toys”. You fling it at the wall and it flattens out in a hilarious fashion. My daughter was intrigued proceeded to practice her softball pitching motion and hit the bullseye. She thought the price wasn’t a good deal, walked away, but then accepted the ladies counter offer. She spent her hard earned allowance money and this is where the story becomes a life lesson.

When she got a chance to use the new toy it burst open after about a dozen tosses. She was quite upset that her money was now gone and she had no way to return it. No, I didn’t rush out and buy her a new one. I didn’t offer to reimburse her for the allowance. I did teach her what the phrase “Caveat Emptor” means.

What about socialization for homeschooled kids?

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One of the most frequently asked questions about home-schooling is socialization. I simply ask “Do you mean being allowed to talk and interact when and how they want like a normal human?”. I like to jog the public school parents memory of what their kids are experiencing in school right now.

  • Standing/Walking in single file down hallways
  • Sitting at a desk for 6 hours
  • Getting in trouble for doodling or passing notes
  • Having to raise your hand to speak (I understand the reason, it’s just not natural)
  • Asking permission for a drink of water
  • Asking permission to go to the toilet
  • Maybe if they are good and didn’t socialize they will get a 15-30 break to socialize outside under strict supervision.

Homeschool kids get plenty of socialization such as little league, co-ops, nature walks, and of course going to all the nice local parks while other kids are in school. Also, going to major theme parks when other kids are in school is nice too.

Back to school anger


There you are enjoying your summer of sunburns, splinters, spider bites and then the back to school circular shows up. Your parents were so happy to show it to you just to let you know the end of summer fun is nigh.

The best part of back to school was getting a brand new trapper keeper to put your doodles in because the teacher was uninteresting. The worst part was showing up with your new clothes and sneakers only to be mocked for having last years models of Swede Pumas. How did seventh graders know this? I was happy to have name brands!

Don’t push your kids to do things

I know you want your kids to be superstars at the sport they are playing, but don’t push them. Encourage them to want to get better. One day it will “click for them”. They will figure out how their body works at whatever sport they are playing. The whole point is to have fun. If you are trying to validate yourself via your child’s sports performance then you are doing it wrong.

Don’t compare your kids to other kids. You don’t know what those parents are doing to their kids to get them to that level. You don’t want the kids to hate you or the sport they are playing later on. Set aside your disappointment because you don’t need to live through them. Focus on your happiness and encourage your kids to do what they enjoy.

Do you babysit your own children?

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When I was a new dad many years ago and my wife went out with her friends for an evening without endless crying, feedings and more poop than she cared to look at. It was also helpful to have an evening away from the newborn as well.  Someone would inevitably chime in with, “Ah, doing a little babysitting eh?”. Well, no, this is my child, do you not remember? They are my responsibility too. Believe it or not, men know how to take care of the children.

No more booster seat?

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When do you let your kids out of a booster seat? Whenever I want to, that’s when. I understand safety guidelines, but how is a booster seat going to help at the rate of speed that I drive? Or as a matter of fact, someone else is driving? A crash at that speed the child might as well be sitting on a stack of glued together phone books.

I remember laying in the front seat of my Dad’s Dodge Dart when we had a wreck and I believe I hit the windshield. But that part is fuzzy. I turned out fine. I recall taking a nap in the front seat of my Dad’s Dodge Dart when my father had a wreck and I believe I hit the windshield. But that part is unclear. I turned out just fine.

In my opinion, if a child can put their feet on the floor with their back to the seat and the seatbelt doesn’t choke them, then they are ready to toss the booster seat. Not out the window because I do not believe in littering.

*Disclaimer, don’t break the law, check your local guidelines and follow them. Or at least, don’t get caught or wreck. Oh who cares you are going to do what you want anyway.