Trusting your personal info to strangers


Since Equifax has all of your data and they seem to consistently let it fall into the wrong hands, it’s the same as giving your personal information to complete strangers. How did we ever do business before? You had to dress up in your Sunday best and go in front of the lender and they had to interview you. You had to prove you had a job and showed that you could pay the money back. You probably could fool them and never pay it back and they would kick you out of your house or horse-drawn carriage because you are a deadbeat.

I don’t know if any of that is true but it sounds like that’s the way it should be.

Cash advance vs borrowing money

I don’t have any cash advance stories because I’ve never used such a business. I have borrowed money from people and paid them back. That’s the best option if you need a cash advance. The bestest option is to save your money until you have enough to purchase what you need. I understand there may be times when you are down on your luck and are about to get evicted from your house and you need a write bad check to a cash advance place and pay 2000% interest. That’s better than planning ahead I guess?

The worst I’ve ever needed money in a hurry is when I moved for a new job. The drivers of the moving van didn’t mention it was cash only when they drove off with my families belongings. When they called to let me know what time they would be unloading they dropped the “cash only” bomb on me. If I didn’t come up with the cash they would be driving to their next top which was a auction house where all my furniture would be sold off for payment. I had to scramble to 4 different western unions because of the cash limit, and yes I paid the person back immediately with my relocation expense check. I’m not sure why I didn’t report that company for potential fraud and hijacking.